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We embrace holistic development for all customers


shiva remidala

                  At LN Construction and Properties Pvt. Ltd.,we are more than just a real estate company;we are the architects of dreams,the builders of aspirations, and the embodiment of unwavering commitment.

           OUr founder,  Mr.Shiva Remidala,  embarked on this journey with a deep-rooted vision and a heart full of passion.With a solid academic  foundation from Osmania University and 20 years of dedicated service as a Grade 1 government officer,However, as the years went by, Shiva felt a pull towards a different path. He saw  potential in the land beneath our feet and the  homes that stood on them. With a leap of faith,  he ventured into real estate.  Beginning  with  little  experience and   starting from the ground up, he faced challenges head-on.His determination bore fruit when he established his owncompany:  LN Construction and Properties Pvt.  Ltd.he transitioned into the world of real estate. His goal was simple yet profound: to make homeownership a reality for all.

           But Shiva’s real estate vision was different. He didn’t just want to sell properties; he wanted to make dreams come true. He knew how much having a home meant to people, especially those from the lower and middle classes.  So,he made it his mission to offer properties in areas everyone desired  but thought they couldn’t afford. Shiva made the impossible possible,  offering these prime lands at prices that were truly affordable.This move not only made countless families happy but  also shook up the real  estate market. Competitors watched in awe and admiration as Shiva, the newcomer, was doing business with heart.

           LN Construction and Properties Pvt. Ltd. stands apart in the real estate landscape. We are not just about properties;   we are about people.  Our mission is to offer prime  properties  at  prices that are genuinely affordable,  ensuring that the dream of having a  home becomes a reality for everyone,  especially those from the lower and middle classes.

              With a decade of experience,  we have successfully completed 10 outstanding projects, each a testament to our commitment to quality and affordability.   But we don’t just build structures;we build futures.Our company has provided livelihoods for over 100 individuals, offering a diverse range of job opportunities, from permanent staff roles to freelance positions.

              The story of  LN Construction and Properties Pvt. Ltd. is a story of perseverance,vision, and the power of  doing  business with heart.  As we look  to the  future,  our journey is far from over, and we’re  excited to write the next chapters in our story, creating more dreams and turning them into reality.

              Join us on this incredible journey towards affordable quality and a better tomorrow.   Your dream home awaits, and we’re here to make it a reality. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help build a new India by striving to transform lives, landscapes and living habitats of people.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver world-class gated communities by embracing new technologies and applying new work concepts, build long-term relationships and become a brand synonymous with Trust, Integrity and Growth.


At LN groups, we are committed to performing with integrity. We firmly believe in doing what’s right not just for customers,employees but all our stakeholders. In fact, Integrity is at the core of everything we do at LN groups.


A high degree of transparency is evident in all our interactions, be it with customers, employees, vendors or other stakeholders. This core value drives our belief in being open and accountable in all our business practices.

Client Chronicles: Their Stories, Our Motivation.

Preethi Bargavi

“I’ve always been wary of real estate deals, but with LN Constructions, everything was transparent and straightforward.”

Trilok chand

“I appreciate how the team at LN Properties took the time to understand our needs. It made all the difference.”

"Meet our dedicated team: a blend of marketing experts, valued customers, and committed employees"

Let's Build Together

LN Group primary focus is building an everlasting relationship with its customers.